AFDESI : Association for the Development of Enhanced TV Services and Interactivity

CSA presents 14 proposals to accelerate the Connected TV market

On 5th December, the French Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel presented the first results of the works conducted on Connected TV. Next year in France, 80% of sold TV sets will be connected TV, most of them with HbbTV inside. Read more about the working groups

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The television and interactive worlds are evolving. Television is becoming increasingly interactive. Internet broadband technologies are defining a new age in the delivery of content. This new age affects producers, packagers, developers and not least the users of content.

AFDESI represents and promotes the interests of developers, publishers, channels, operators and service providers of interactive services, ensuring that the industry is represented at international level by a single authoritative voice. 

AFDESI (Association for the Development of Enhanced TV Services and Interactivity) is affiliated to the already established, and highly effective, French branch of AFDESI, which has been active since 2000. 


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