Who are we ?

AFDESI is the Association for the Development of Enhanced TV Services and Interactivity, and is affiliated to the already established, and highly effective, French branch of AFDESI, which has been active since 2000.

The pan-European initiative is intended to create strong, independent professional associations in each territory that can act together, collaboratively when necessary, to provide a clear voice for the interactive television industry within the EU and internationally. 

AFDESI's objective is to stimulate growth of the interactive TV sector by gathering and disseminating information and enabling knowledge sharing. The association will facilitate knowledge exchange through conferences, seminars, press meetings and events such as the International iTV Awards. It will also encompass representation with public agencies, identifying EU grants and funds intended for production, and putting across an agreed industry position to regulators and legislative authorities. 

AFDESI defines Interactive Television in the broadest way, to embrace every kind of interaction with television content or television services via a remote control, mobile or fixed telephone, or via the internet. A cornerstone belief is that interactive television should be promoted independently of its medium of broadcast, embracing satellite, cable, terrestrial broadcast, ADSL, broadband Internet, IPTV platforms, dedicated media players and new and emerging iTV technologies.



  1. To represent and promote the iTV industry and market.
  2. To be a credible negotiator on behalf of the industry, especially with regulators and legislative authorities. 
  3. To help the industry to thrive, grow the profitability of its members and present a durable value proposition to the commercial world.
  4. To bring together the iTV industry around a common project and vision.
  5. To organize events to promote the iTV industry and facilitate knowledge sharing between members active in France, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain.


Professional ethics

AFDESI will promote a high quality of interactive programs and services, and encourage best industry practice. AFDESI will implement a professional code of ethics for good communication between its members and the organisations they interact with.


AFDESI will work towards the development of a strong and independent industry, representing all areas of expertise within the market to ensure that all sectors are represented and have a voice to express their opinions.


AFDESI will promote and develop the interactive television industry. 


AFDESI's mission is to represent all creators of interactive programs and services, working cooperatively with existing professional bodies and establishing a relationship with new and emerging trade and industry bodies.