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A new professional body represent the interests of companies active in the interactive television industry simultaneously in France, the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany.


The new body is called AFDESI (Association for the Development of Enhanced TV Services and Interactivity), and is affiliated to the already established, and highly effective, French branch of AFDESI, which has been active since 2000.


AFDESI is the Association of the French interactive television Developers, Publishers and Service Providers. The association was formed to promote interactive television services on all channels, including satellite, cable and digital terrestrial.

The audio-visual and interactive worlds are evolving. Television is becoming interactive while the Internet promises numerous new developments through broadband technologies. This is why it is important today to get together to represent and promote the interests of developers, publishers, and service providers of interactive services in front of large organisations in France and abroad.

The AFDESI association allows its members to speak with a single voice, making it easier to put together a legislative structure for the market and the services exchanged.

AFDESI's goal is also to create an information and exchange structure for interactive television services, thanks to conferences and seminars allowing the constant integration of sector evolutions. The association organises information days with the sector's players, lobbies institutions, and fosters contacts with other organisations and associations with similar goals.

AFDESI already includes the most important French companies in the sector.

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